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Elite Genes A.I.

Compart's Elite Genes A.I. is a family owned and operated A.I. Center offering Duroc, York, and Landrace semen. The boars available to use artificially are the same sires we are using in our nucleus herds and gilt multiplication farms.

Compart's D-100 Duroc boars selected for collection excel in lean gain efficiency, bottom line profit and high meat quality characteristics.

Compart York and Landrace breeds have been selected for real world pork production with realistic maternal performance. Emphasis on correct feet and leg structural soundness and durability are a must. High sow salvage values are a priority in our maternal lines.

Extensive isolation and testing procedures are followed before new boars enter this PRRS naive boar stud. Blood PCR testing for PRRS and PED are done every collection day. In addition to these procedures, monthly blood testing and walk-throughs are done by an accredited veterinarian.

Our Elite Genes A.I. Directory includes a current listing of boars being collected, plus our pricing structure, and a how-to guide for swine A.I techniques. The Directory gives each boar's performance figures, EPD's, and a genetic background. Just give us a call to receive your copy.

Elite Genes
Elite Genes

Compart's Boar Store

Elite Genes A.I

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